We started Topi with the intention of creating the most exquisite facial serums in the world. To do this we partnered with the botanical savants at Regime des Fleurs to formulate two floral-hydrosol based serums using healing flowers, rare seed oils and nutrient rich plant extracts. The result is Sun Serum and Snow Serum, an year-round serum duo that is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-recharging, and skin-nourishing.
Serum Ritual
Topi serums are powerful and luxurious skin treatments that will enhance your skincare routine year-round. Both Sun Serum and Snow Serum can be used singularly, or in combination with your favorite beauty and skincare products to align your daily routine with the seasonal and atmospheric changes that impact skin. To fully experience your serums, start with a cleansed face, followed by a layer of Sun Serum or Snow Serum before your moisturizer, SPF or makeup. Within seconds, your skin is left invigorated, protected, nourished, and visibly improved
All skin types thrive with the application of high-quality, natural ingredients. With this in mind we have sourced a carefully vetted selection of ingredients that have been researched, studied, and proven to benefit skin health. Of equal importance, we do not use ingredients—natural or otherwise—that can irritate, inflame, or compromise skin. These can include drying alcohols, harsh and outdated preservatives, certain natural and synthetic fragrances and essential oils, problematic fillers, and pore-clogging occlusives. We have carefully conceived our formulas to be beneficial for all skin types, in all climates.
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