TOPI serums effectively align daily skincare with shifting environmental, seasonal, and climatic conditions. Utilizing the most beneficial natural plant extracts and the most advanced science, this is skincare for use indoors, outdoors, in any season, everywhere and everyday.


Topi is the future. We live a global life, and our products celebrate the beauty and diversity of humankind. We have carefully conceived our formulas to be beneficial for all skin types, in all climates. 


We use a carefully vetted selection of botanically-based ingredients that have been researched and studied—with published results in scientific and medical journals—and proven to benefit skin health. All skin types thrive with the application of natural ingredients that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-recharging, and skin-nourishing. Of equal importance, we do not use ingredients—natural or otherwise—that can irritate, inflame, or compromise skin. These can include drying alcohols, harsh and outdated preservatives, certain natural and synthetic fragrances and essential oils, problematic fillers, and pore-clogging occlusives.


Topi serums are designed to supplement your skincare routine and align it with seasonal climate conditions. Our serums can be used on their own, or in combination with your favorite beauty and skincare products. Apply a layer of Sun Serum or Snow serum before your moisturizer, SPF or makeup. After using our serums, your skin is left protected, glowing, and ready for your world.


Quentin Smith and Alia Raza are the creative forces behind TOPI. They've long discussed how their skincare needs change throughout the year; depending on the season, the climate, and a range of shifting environmental conditions.

In order to be most effective, daily skincare regimens must address atmospheric humidity levels, sun exposure, and other climatic conditions. TOPI serums were born as a way to align skincare routines with the season and climate.

The pair sought out the world's most advanced botanical ingredients and consulted with doctors, dermatologists, chemists, and wellness experts to produce a set of two unique formulas; one for every skin type, every skin color, every age, every gender, every climate, and every day.